Retirement Income Planner ®

How much will you need in monthly income after you retire? How much can you afford to draw from your pension lump sum and 401k? The Retirement Income Planner ® is the indispensable tool which answers these questions.

A. How Much Do You Need?

Below is a simple exercise you can perform to determine whether or not you can afford to retire. It may also help you decide if you will need to work part-time after you leave Verizon. Simply insert the appropriate figures into the “calculator."


Present monthly expenses
Reductions you can make
Savings from not working
Total monthly income needs (Will Calculate...)
Monthly Needs (Will Calculate...)
Your Age Under 57
57 - 62
Above 62
Adjusted Monthly Income (Will Calculate...)
Before tax ammount needed (Will Calculate...)
Actual, after tax, needs (Will Calculate...)


Lump Sum
Other Savings
Total Retirement Savings (Will Calculate...)
Actual, after tax, needs (Will Calculate...)

If you have more than you need, you can retire NOW. Contact The Herzfeld Group to learn how you may proceed.

If you are a little short, you can retire, but you may need to do some part time work. More than 50% of Verizon retirees are involved in some form of gainful employment. If you have more questions, call. Or email:

If you are more than $150,000 short of retirement, you should probably continue to work, pay off your debts as fast as you can and keep looking for that date when the numbers work for you. Call us to help set that all-important retirement date.

Your age matters. If you are 57 you are close enough to receiving Social Security at age 62 that you can do something called a “draw down” IRA. A “draw down” IRA lets you retire successfully even if the numbers you have don’t look very good. We’ll discuss the advisability of this.

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